FMOA building front

1450 Sachem Place, Suite 201
Charlottesville, Virginia  22901

      telephone:   (434) 973-9744
      fax:               (434) 973-9790

     hours:   Mon-Fri   8 A - 5 P       Sat  8 A - 12 noon  (urgent care only)

We practice medicine based on a concept of complete family care , ranging from Obstetrics and Pediatrics to Adult Medicine (including Gynecology) and Geriatric services.

All along the way, we provide personal hospital care, should you ever need it. Even in the middle of the night, one of our physicians is available to you by telephone and will come to our office or the hospital Emergency Department 24x7 to meet your needs when your situation warrants it. We partner with our patients and serve as their guides and advocates through the health care system.

Founded in 1982 as a medical practice of Christian physicians, we have operated on the highest ideals of family medicine and as a ministry to the patients we serve. We strive to maintain and enhance our expertise in all areas of primary care and in the specific medical conditions affecting our patients. We recognize and embrace the very important roles that spirituality and a strong physician - patient bond play in the healing process.

Health care has gone through many changes and is even now entering a new phase of complexity in terms of the technological advances of medicine, the complexity of health care costs, and an ever-expanding array of treatment options. We would consider it a very special blessing to serve you as your ally and advocate in getting the best and most personal health care possible.


                      KURTIS S. ELWARD, M.D.

                      ELLIS B. JOHNS, M.D.

                   RAYMOND P. MAROTTA, M.D.

                       KENNETH S. YEW, M.D.

                    GAIL L. KONGABLE, FNP-c

                    kibble h. kessick, fnp-c

                  M. Ashley Overby, FNP-C

                                               PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY
              Successful treatment often requires the disclosure of very personal,
            and at times uncomfortable, information. It is our policy to maintain
            the strict confidentiality of all our patients and their medical record
         information according to state and federal law and professional ethics.
           In general and unless otherwise required by law, no information you
         disclose will be shared with a third party without your written consent.
                  In all cases, care will be taken to release only the information
         necessary to fulfill the legal, ethical or professional obligation at hand.