Family Medicine covers all areas of medical care, including:
* Obstetrics
* Pediatrics
* Orthopedics
* Gynecology
* Dermatology
* Counseling
* Internal Medicine
* Ears, Nose & Throat
* Sports Medicine

Family Medicine is based on the fact that people and their families are best served by having a single primary care physician who knows each member's medical background and can coordinate all parts of their medical care.

Your family physician is able to take care of your entire family -- from obstetrics & newborns  to  grandparents!


Each of our physicians provides obstetrical care including prenatal, delivery and post-partum care of the mother and baby.

We deliver primarily at Martha Jefferson Hospital, but when appropriate, a FMOA physician can deliver you at the UVa Health Sciences Center.

Our physicians make every effort to deliver their own patients. This is an important difference from most other practices providing OB services.


Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are highly skilled health professionals licensed to practice in Virginia and certified by national accrediting boards. They are trained to see patients on their own, can prescribe a broad spectrum of medications, and consult regularly with our physicians if they have any questions.   

These "mid-level providers" or "physician extenders" work closely with one of our physicians each day to assure that their care is perfect for you and tailored to meet your individual needs.

In order to stay intimately involved in your family's care, your personal physician reviews all documentation associated with your visits.


Health Maintenance Reviews are NOT office visits focusing on specific problems like high blood pressure, a sore knee, or shoulder pain. 

Instead, HMRs follow a schedule of diagnostic care expressly designed to keep you healthy and to detect illness in its early phase.  Laboratory testing is performed as indicated based on your age and medical history, and a review of on-going conditions are included in this schedule.

Some insurance plans pay for one free Health Maintenance Review or "well care" visit each year.  However, if you are scheduled for an HMR and then demand focused care for a problem, be aware that your visit may be billed to your insurance as a problem visit with all the co-pay and co-insurance requirements applicable to your plan.  It is best to make it clear to your provider at the BEGINNING of your visit if you expect that visit to be billed as "well care."

... a good source of medical information on the web?

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